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Today I took myself out on a date. That's right, I went to dinner with myself. I have to admit it was interesting to say the least, but I survived. I hadn't planned on going by myself, I was going to take a certain someone, then I changed my mind and took myself. I used to have a problem with going out to eat by myself and would often take "props" along whenever I would. Like: a book, my laptop or some homework/paperwork that would make me appear to be busy. However this time was different. I just woke up after my nap and said... "I'm going to dinner."

Of course whenever you enter a restaurant, the host or hostess always asks, "how many?" I simply said "1" and the shame began! Why is it when you are "1" people try to "single shame" you? I like being "1".....maybe not ALL the time, but I like it. It reminds me that I am special and God doesn't want to give me just any ole man. HE wants me to have the best.

I went to my favorite restaurant The Grand Lux on Michigan Ave(using some Bday money I recieved the day before) and upon entry I got the "Is she alone" look from one hostess and the "I hope not" look from another. It was almost enough to make me want to turn around and go home, but I couldn't bring myself to give them any satisfaction.

"Ms. Are you waiting for someone?"

"No its just me."

I asked for a promenade (window) seat and ordered my meal...The Carmel Chicken w/a Cosmo. I sat there and watched as many people combed the summer streets. It was wonderful....Happy Birthday to me.

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Ellie said…
Good on you! SOmeone said every woman should be able to do this...whoever it was, she was RIGHT!

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